Manicure & Pedicure Services

Signature Manicure $22, Signature Pedicure $40
French polish for all manicures add $3 and $5 for pedicures
Includes filing the nails, pushing back and trimming the cuticles, finishing with a massage and polish or buff. Add a soak in a whirlpool spa and deep exfoliation and you have our Signature Pedicure.

Aveda Caribbean Manicure $29, Aveda Caribbean Pedicure $46
Formulated in Martinique, the Caribbean includes a milky soak, jute exfoliation, and island-lush emollients that melt into skin to rejuvenate your senses.

Stress-Less Manicure $23, Stress-Less Pedicure $46
Clinically proven to reduce stress, the Stress-Fix aroma of lavender, lavandin and clary sage incorporated into this amazing service will leave you feeling relaxed and stress free. Reflexology incorporated in this massage will calm and rejuvenate you.

Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Manicure $25/Pedicure $45
The refreshing sensation of Rosemary and Peppermint will soften and soothes your skin. With a time-released aroma of these oils this Manicure and Pedicure combo will keep you tired hands and feet refreshed for hours

Shellac Manicure $39, French Manicure $43
Our signature manicure followed up with our gel polish that has zero dry time. This manicure will leave you with a high gloss shine and polish that lasts two weeks. Soon to be your favorite manicure.

Aveda’s Beautifying Manicure $27/Pedicure $45
Mineral-rich salt crystals in a moisturizing plant oil blend gently exfoliate your skin, while our uplifting aroma with flower and plant essences makes your spirit sing. Moisturizes with a nourishing blend of certified organic sunflower, safflower and olive oils. Results are seen immediately.

Detox Pedicure $46.00
This unique pedicure features a blend of herbal extracts and purifying magnesium sulfate crystals that will soften and hydrate dry calluses. This pedicure includes a Somatology Foot Massage that will relax and soothe muscles and relieve stress.

Keratin Manicure $29.00
If dry skin and rough cuticles are a challenge for you, this is your manicure. The emulsion formula filled gloves will moisturize hands and soften cuticles while using Keratin to strengthen your nails.


Manicure $20, Pedicure $39
Soak, file, clip and massage, leaving your hands and feet perfectly groomed.

All prices are starting prices, only. Please ask your technician for the exact pricing on your service.